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Job Interview Success for Introverts

By : Robert McIntosh
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Job Interview Success for Introverts

By: Robert McIntosh

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Types of interviews

Let's talk about various types of interviews before getting into the categories of tough questions. Today's interviewers use a variety of interview styles to hire the most qualified candidates. We'll look at four of the most common types of interviews:

  • One-on-one

  • Group

  • Situational

  • Telephone


These are interviews where you meet with one person. You will most likely sit across from this person, but don't be surprised if the interviewer would like you to sit side-by-side with them. I recall being interviewed in this manner and feeling uncomfortable as the interviewer, my future boss, sat closer than most interviewers would. Nonetheless, these types of interviews give you the opportunity to size up the interviewer, determining whether they are open and friendly, most likely an extrovert, or serious and to-the-point, most likely an introvert. Knowing whether the interviewer is an introvert or extrovert may help you determine how long or short your answers should be. Most...