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Rake Task Management Essentials

By : Andrey Koleshko
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Rake Task Management Essentials

By: Andrey Koleshko

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Rake Task Management Essentials
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Setting up Jenkins

There are many ways to install Jenkins. You can download the compiled version and install it within your operating system in a few seconds! However, Jenkins is usually run on a separate machine that is accessed 24 hours a day. However, it will be costly to buy or rent a server just for demonstration; this is why the chapter will demonstrate this on a virtual machine. For this purpose, we will use the VirtualBox and Vagrant command-line tools. We have to go through the following steps to set up Jenkins:

  1. Firstly, install VirtualBox. Download it from the official site at and follow the instructions given.

  2. We should have a command-line tool for the easy configuration of virtual machines. For this purpose, install Vagrant. Go to the page and download the application for your operating system.

  3. Then, install it as a basic application though the installer of your operating system. To make sure that you have installed Vagrant...