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Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation

By : Sheridan Yuen
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Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation

By: Sheridan Yuen

Overview of this book

Windows Presentation Foundation is rich in possibilities when it comes to delivering an excellent user experience. This book will show you how to build professional-grade applications that look great and work smoothly. We start by providing you with a foundation of knowledge to improve your workflow – this includes teaching you how to build the base layer of the application, which will support all that comes after it. We’ll also cover the useful details of data binding. Next, we cover the user interface and show you how to get the most out of the built-in and custom WPF controls. The final section of the book demonstrates ways to polish your applications, from adding practical animations and data validation to improving application performance. The book ends with a tutorial on how to deploy your applications and outlines potential ways to apply your new-found knowledge so you can put it to use right away.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation
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Introducing key-frames

Key-frame animations enable us to do a number of things that we cannot do with the From, By, and To animations. Unlike those animations, with key-frame animations, we are able to specify more than two target values and animate objects in discrete steps that cannot normally be animated. As such, there are more <TypeName>AnimationUsingKeyFrames classes than <TypeName>Animation classes, for example: RectAnimationUsingKeyFrames, SizeAnimationUsingKeyFrames.

Each <TypeName>AnimationUsingKeyFrames class has a KeyFrames property that we populate with key-frames to specify various values that must be passed during the animation. Each key-frame has a KeyTime and a Value property to specify the value and the relative time that it should be reached.

If no key-frame is declared with a key time of zero seconds, the animation will start from the relevant property's current value. The animation will order the key-frames by the values of their KeyTime property, rather...