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Android UI Development with Jetpack Compose

By : Thomas Künneth
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Android UI Development with Jetpack Compose

By: Thomas Künneth

Overview of this book

Jetpack Compose is Android’s new framework for building fast, beautiful, and reliable native user interfaces. It simplifies and significantly accelerates UI development on Android using the declarative approach. This book will help developers to get hands-on with Jetpack Compose and adopt a modern way of building Android applications. The book is not an introduction to Android development, but it will build on your knowledge of how Android apps are developed. Complete with hands-on examples, this easy-to-follow guide will get you up to speed with the fundamentals of Jetpack Compose such as state hoisting, unidirectional data flow, and composition over inheritance and help you build your own Android apps using Compose. You'll also cover concepts such as testing, animation, and interoperability with the existing Android UI toolkit. By the end of the book, you'll be able to write your own Android apps using Jetpack Compose.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Part 1:Fundamentals of Jetpack Compose
Part 2:Building User Interfaces
Part 3:Advanced Topics


In this chapter, we looked at important terms and techniques regarding testing. In the first main section, we set up the infrastructure, wrote and ran a simple unit test locally on the development machine, and then turned to Compose specifics. I introduced you to createComposeRule() and createAndroidComposeRule().

Next, we looked at how composable functions are found in a Compose hierarchy, and why making your app accessible also helps in writing better tests. You also learned about actions and assertions. Finally, we added custom entries to the semantics tree.

The final main section explained how to debug a Compose app. We revisited the semantics tree, and I showed you how to take advantage of InspectorInfo and InspectorValueInfo to debug custom modifiers.

Chapter 11, Conclusion and Next Steps, concludes this book. We look in the crystal ball to see what future versions of Jetpack Compose may add. For example, we preview Material 3 for Compose, which brings Material...