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Managing Virtual Infrastructure with Veeam ONE

By : Kevin Sapp
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Managing Virtual Infrastructure with Veeam ONE

By: Kevin Sapp

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Stopping unnecessary services

In the following task, we will go through the steps of stopping unnecessary processes that are utilizing too much of the CPU. These are the known processes that you have researched and noticed to run at a much lower CPU in the past. You can view the services running on a particular virtual machine by using the Veeam® ONE™ Monitor console. The steps are as follows:

  1. Select Virtual Machine from the Infrastructure view.

  2. Click on the Processes tab:


    Note that the HeavyLoad process uses 92 percent of the CPU, although it is known to consume 30 percent CPU on a consistent basis.

  3. Select the process that needs to be stopped and click on the Kill Process button. Then, click on Yes to terminate the process.

  4. Click on the Summary tab to check the CPU monitor as shown in the following screenshot: