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OpenStack Orchestration

By : Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui
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OpenStack Orchestration

By: Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui

Overview of this book

This book is focused on setting up and using one of the most important services in OpenStack orchestration, Heat. First, the book introduces you to the orchestration service for OpenStack to help you understand the uses of the templating mechanism, complex control groups of cloud resources, and huge-potential and multiple-use cases. We then move on to the topology and orchestration specification for cloud applications and standards, before introducing the most popular IaaS cloud framework, Heat. You will get to grips with the standards used in Heat, overview and roadmap, architecture and CLI, heat API, heat engine, CloudWatch API, scaling principles, JeOS and installation and configuration of Heat. We wrap up by giving you some insights into troubleshooting for OpenStack. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and supporting images, you will be able to manage OpenStack operations by implementing the orchestration services of Heat.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
OpenStack Orchestration
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About the Reviewers

Mostafa A. Hamid is a CISSP (2013), CEH v8, MCSD, IBM RUP Architect, and MCP (SUNY Potsdam USA).

He is also certified in PHP, JavaScript, Backbone, Java, Spring, Node.js, and XML web services (SUNY Potsdam, USA).

He has a bachelor's degree in management information systems (Modern Academy for Computer Science and Management Technology).

He is also certified in Java (The American University in Cairo).

He has been a technical support at Hilton, a technical support at United Systems, an IT manager at Media Plans, an ICT and IT teacher and software engineer at MOIS, a software engineer at Wasaq, and a computer programmer at Advanced Security Systems.

He is the technical reviewer of OpenStack Essentials and Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron), both by Packt Publishing, and the author of OOP in PHP and MVC and Linux for System Administrators and DevOps at

Maksym Lobur is an enthusiastic OpenStack hacker. He has worked with the technology since 2013, starting with Grizzly. He has been involved in almost all key OpenStack components such as Nova, Glance, Neutron, and Heat, and was a member of the Ironic core team during the Icehouse cycle.

Currently, he adopts OpenStack for massive telecom companies, on behalf of a private company. They are one of the top-five contributors to OpenStack worldwide.