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Extending Puppet

By : Alessandro Franceschi
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Extending Puppet

By: Alessandro Franceschi

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Extending Puppet
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Deploying the Puppet code

Deployment of the Puppet code is, most times, a matter of updating modules, manifests, and Hiera data on the relevant directories of the Puppet Master.

We deal with two logically different kinds of code that involve different management patterns, which are:

  • Our modules, manifests, and data

  • The public modules we are using

We can manage them in various ways. Some of them are:

  • Eventually using Git submodules for each Puppet module in Git

  • Using the puppet module command for the public modules published on the Forge

  • Using tools such as librarian-puppet and r10k

  • Using other tools or custom procedures that we may write specifically for our needs

Using librarian-puppet for deployments

The librarian-puppet tool ( was developed to manage the installation of a set of modules from the Puppet Forge or any Git repository. It is based on Puppetfile, where the modules and the versions to install are defined:

forge ""

# Install a module...