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Gradle Essentials

By : Abhinandan Maheshwari
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Gradle Essentials

By: Abhinandan Maheshwari

Overview of this book

Gradle is an advanced and modern build automation tool. It inherits the best elements of the past generation of build tools, but it also differs and innovates to bring terseness, elegance, simplicity, and the flexibility to build. Right from installing Gradle and writing your first build file to creating a fully-fledged multi-module project build, this book will guide you through its topics in a step-by-step fashion. You will get your hands dirty with a simple Java project built with Gradle and go on to build web applications that are run with Jetty or Tomcat. We take a unique approach towards explaining the DSL using the Gradle API, which makes the DSL more accessible and intuitive. All in all, this book is a concise guide to help you decipher the Gradle build files, covering the essential topics that are most useful in real-world projects. With every chapter, you will learn a new topic and be able to readily implement your build files.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
Gradle Essentials
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About the Reviewers

Eric Berry is the co-founder and vice president of engineering at Keeply Inc. He graduated in 2003 from Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in computer science, and has more than 11 years of full-stack development experience working for Evite (, eHarmony (, and Chegg ( He was first introduced to Gradle in late 2010 while working at eHarmony, and created Chegg's middle-tier SOA using Gradle for all Java-based projects. As a supporter of open source software, he's the plugin release manager for the jEdit text editor and also the original author of the Gradle-release and Gradle-templates plugins.

He has worked as a senior software engineer at Evite specializing in full-stack, JSP, Servlet, Spring Framework, Hibernate, "web-2.0" JavaScript based frontend.

He has also worked as a senior software engineer at eHarmony specializing in full-stack, Java, Spring, Struts, Groovy, Spring Integration, Jersey.

He has worked as a lead software engineer at Chegg specializing in backend services, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Gradle, Jersey.

André Burgaud is a software engineer who is passionate about new technologies, programming languages in general, and Python in particular.

He started in law enforcement where he built up an interest in security. A career change led him to join the telecommunication department of the Gendarmerie headquarters in France; later, he implemented network management systems for Qwest broadband services in Minnesota, USA. He currently leads a software development department at Infinite Campus, focusing on the infrastructure for complex web applications.

During his spare time, he attempts to quench his thirst for technology by exploring programming languages, tools, operating systems, servers, or cloud services; also, he likes attending local meetups or online classes, listening to podcasts, and reading books.

Michał Huniewicz is a London-based professional software developer, amateur photo journalist, and one-time dervish. Currently, he is shifting his focus to big data challenges and has been involved in projects across a variety of industries, including banking, media, finance, telecoms, and government. He was also the head developer of an award-winning community portal. He holds an MSc degree in computer science from Adam Mickiewicz University. Learn more about him at

He has also reviewed Gradle Effective Implementation Guide from Packt Publishing.

Fredrik Sandell is a full-stack software developer with many years of experience developing Java-based web applications. He holds a MSc degree in networks and distributed systems from the Chalmers University of Technology and is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fredrik is employed at a fantastic company called Squeed AB.