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By : James Denton
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By: James Denton

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Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Installing LBaaS

The neutron-lbaas-agent service was installed as part of the overall Neutron installation process documented in Chapter 3, Installing Neutron, and is typically installed on a dedicated network node or a controller node.

In Havana, haproxy is used as the default load balancer. To install haproxy, issue the following command on the controller node:

# yum -y install haproxy

Configuring the Neutron LBaaS agent service

Before the neutron-lbaas-agent service can be started, it must be configured. Neutron stores the LBaaS agent configuration in the /etc/neutron/lbaas_agent.ini file. The most common configuration options will be covered in the upcoming sections.

Define an interface driver

Like the previously installed agents, the Neutron LBaaS agent must be configured to use an interface driver that corresponds to the chosen networking plugin. In this configuration, there are two options:

  • LinuxBridge

  • Open vSwitch

Using crudini, configure the Neutron LBaaS agent to use one of the drivers...