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VMware vSphere 5.5 Essentials

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VMware vSphere 5.5 Essentials

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VMware vSphere Essentials
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Using vCloud Networking and Security

VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) is a security virtual appliance suite that integrates seamlessly with other VMware products, including:

  • VMware vCenter Server

  • VMware vSphere

  • VMware vCloud Directory

It is a crucial security component to protect hosts and data centers from security threats and attacks, and also help the administrator achieve compliance goals. Previously, functions of vCNS were included in a dedicated product called vShield, but beginning with vSphere 5.1 VMware, they became part of the vCloud product suite. Therefore, vCNS cannot be bought as a separate product anymore.

The product offers the following components:

  • vShield Manager: It is the central management tool that manages all components that are part of the vCNS product.

  • vShield Edge: vShield Edge installs an appliance acting as network gateway between the virtual data center and the physical infrastructure. It offers plenty of services including virtual firewalls:

    • IPSec: Internet...