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Getting Started with Terraform

By : Kirill Shirinkin
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Getting Started with Terraform

By: Kirill Shirinkin

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Terraform is a tool used to efficiently build, configure, and improve production infrastructure. It can manage existing infrastructure as well as create custom in-house solutions. This book shows you when and how to implement infrastructure as a code practices with Terraform. It covers everything necessary to set up complete management of infrastructure with Terraform, starting with the basics of using providers and resources. This book is a comprehensive guide that begins with very small infrastructure templates and takes you all the way to managing complex systems, all using concrete examples that evolve over the course of the book. It finishes with the complete workflow of managing a production infrastructure as code – this is achieved with the help of version control and continuous integration. At the end of this book, you will be familiar with advanced techniques such as multi-provider support and multiple remote modules.
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Getting Started with Terraform
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Infrastructure as Code and Terraform replacements

We just went through six chapters of intense coding. It is easy to forget what it was all about a hundred pages ago, so let's quickly summarize the journey we are almost through.

Chapter 1, Infrastructure Automation, was not entirely about Terraform--you've learned a few general principles of modern infrastructure automation and, more importantly, you get to learn what Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is. If you want to have a success in doing modern operations, understanding IaC in depth is a must. This book only covers one particular tool, so you need to do some extra reading to really master ideas behind IaC. Perhaps the most comprehensive work on this topic is a book titled Infrastructure as Code: Managing servers in The Cloud by Kief Morris.

In addition, check out Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook by Stephane Jourdan and Pierre Pomes that has many practical examples of different IaC tools, including Terraform.

That very first chapter also...