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VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

By : Ajit Pratap Kundan
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VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

By: Ajit Pratap Kundan

Overview of this book

Over the past two decades, VMware vSphere has been known as the most trusted and reliable virtualization platform. VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture shows you how to design and configure Cross Cloud Architecture by using VMware Cloud Foundation and vRealize Suite with various use cases across private, public, and hybrid Cloud. This book takes you through everything from a basic understanding of virtualization to advanced aspects of storage and network virtualization, clustering, automation, and management. This book will be your guide to designing all aspects of Cloud. We start with the challenges faced by a traditional data center, define problem statements for you, and then brief you on respective solutions. Moving on, all kinds of virtualization and Cloud offerings from AWS and IBM Soft Layer are introduced and discussed in detail. Then, you'll learn how to design IT infrastructures for new and existing applications with a combination of Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite, and vSphere enabled with VSAN and NSX. Furthermore, you'll learn how to design and configure high availability, disaster recovery, and apply an appropriate compliance matrix. Toward the end of the book, you will learn how to calculate the TCO/ROI, along with the VMware products packaging and licensing in detail.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
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Chapter 1. The Freedom with Cross-Cloud Architecture

This chapter briefs you on cloud service architectures. The chapter includes the following sections:

  • Cloud benefits and challenges
  • VMware solutions to overcome different cloud challenges
  • VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture
  • Overview of private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • Overview of vCloud Air, AWS, and the IBM Cloud

Readers will be able to design elastic IT infra capabilities and set up a basic application hosting and DevOps environment with VMware components after going through this book. You will be able to install and configure all the building blocks to get the benefits of VMware SDDC components in an on-premises private cloud, a public cloud such as IBM or AWS, or a mix of both—a hybrid cloud.