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Edge Computing with Amazon Web Services

By : Sean Howard
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Edge Computing with Amazon Web Services

By: Sean Howard

Overview of this book

The surge in connected edge devices has driven organizations to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the massive amounts of data generated by these devices. However, adapting to this landscape demands significant changes in application architectures. This book serves as your guide to edge computing fundamentals, shedding light on the constraints and risks inherent in selecting solutions within this domain. You’ll explore an extensive suite of edge computing services from AWS, gaining insights into when and how to use AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, AWS Local Zones, AWS Snow Family, and AWS IoT Greengrass. With detailed use cases, technical requirements, and architectural patterns, you’ll master the practical implementation of these services and see how they work in real life through step-by-step examples, using the AWS CLI and AWS Management Console. To conclude, you’ll delve into essential security and operational considerations to maximize the value delivered by AWS services. By the end of this book, you'll be ready to design powerful edge computing architectures and handle complex edge computing use cases across multiple AWS services.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
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Part 1: Compute, Network, and Security Services at the Edge
Part 2: Introducing AWS Edge Computing Services
Part 3: Building Distributed Edge Architectures with AWS Edge Computing Services
Part 4: Implementing Edge Computing Solutions via Hands-On Examples and More

Part 1: Compute, Network, and Security Services at the Edge

Part One provides an introduction to distributed edge computing. It focuses on specific challenges and solutions related to networking and security in such architectures. This section is essential for understanding why you would want to use distributed edge computing as well as how you would go about managing data and network traffic efficiently and securely at the edge.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with Edge Computing on AWS
  • Chapter 2, Understanding Network and Security for Near Edge Computing
  • Chapter 3, Understanding Network and Security for Far Edge Computing