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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook

By : Satya Shyam K Jayanty
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook

By: Satya Shyam K Jayanty

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook
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Most books about SQL Server take one of the two approaches. The first approach is to provide a broad introduction to SQL Server administration. While overviews are great for beginners, they don't provide enough information, leaving the reader wanting for details and practical advice.

The second approach is to attempt to cover every possible topic the author can think of. While this may seem like a good approach, what generally ends up happening is that each topic doesn't get the attention it really deserves. And, in order to keep the length of the book reasonable (under 1,000 pages), a lot of practical details are left out, again, leaving the reader wanting for more.

As both a reader and author of many SQL Server books, I have discovered that the more focused the book's topic is, the more useful it becomes. This is why I like Satya SK Jayanty's new book, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook. It offers over 70 practical recipes for managing and administering a high-performance SQL Server 2008 R2 system. So, instead of trying to cover every possible topic, the book, in effect, is a collection of more than 70 extremely focused books, each providing very specific and practical information on how to make the reader a better and more effective DBA.

Another thing I like about this book is that it is literally a recipe book. It walks with the reader, step-by-step, through each topic, leading the reader through the most difficult of topics. After reading each recipe, the reader will not only understand the importance of the topic, but will also be able to implement it themselves. Nothing is left to chance.

Of course, the book could not include practical information unless the author himself has been in the trenches and gotten his hands dirty. You are in good hands, as Satya is an accomplished SQL Server DBA with over 15 years of real world experience. While Satya has spent much of his career working for large organizations, what really separates him from many other authors is that he also spends a great amount of his personal time helping other DBAs.

In 2000, I started one of the first community-based SQL Server websites on the Internet. At first, I didn't have any forums on the website, because I knew I wouldn't have the extra time required to devote to answering questions, on top of all the time I was spending writing new content for the website. However, as the website became very popular, I finally added forums, hoping that I could find some DBAs in the SQL Server community who could help me answer questions. To my surprise, almost immediately one experienced DBA began answering questions on a daily basis, and ended up with over 5,000 posts the first year, and that DBA was Satya. I once asked him why he participated so much in the forums. And he told me that answering question was a great learning experience. So not only was he helping other DBAs by answering their questions, he was also learning more himself. This gives Satya a great insight into the minds of DBAs and the kinds of questions they may have, making him the perfect author for this book. As Satya began helping out in the SQL Server Community, all of his hard work was noticed by Microsoft and he was awarded the Microsoft SQL Server MVP award. In fact, he has been a SQL Server MVP for six years now, and he continues to help out in forums, speak at user groups and conferences, and he even maintains his own website.

As you read through the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook, rest assured that the information you will learn will be first-rate and practical for your day-to-day work as a DBA. As you learn from Satya's experience, give some thought as to how you can get involved in the worldwide SQL Server community, and perhaps you can share your knowledge with others, just as Satya has with thousands and thousands of DBAs over the years.

Brad M McGehee

Microsoft SQL Server MVP

Director of DBA Education, Red Gate Software

Brad M. McGehee is a MCSE+I, MCSD, and MCT (former) with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration. Currently the Director of DBA Education for Red Gate Software, Brad is an accomplished Microsoft SQL Server MVP with over 16 years SQL Server experience, over 7 years training experience, and has been involved in the industry since 1982.

Brad is a frequent speaker at SQL PASS, European PASS, SQL Server Connections, SQLTeach, devLINK, SQLBits, SQL Saturdays, TechFests, Code Camps, SQL Server user groups, and other industry seminars, where he shares his 16 years' cumulative knowledge and experience.

In 2009, Brad made 33 public presentations to a total of 1,853 attendees, in six different countries. In 2010, Brad made 31 public presentations to a total of 3,156 attendees in two different countries.

Brad was the founder of the popular community site, and operated it from 2000 through 2006, where he wrote over one million words on SQL Server topics.

A well-respected and trusted name in SQL Server literature, Brad is the author or co-author of more than 15 technical books and over 275 published articles. His most recent books include How to Become an Exceptional DBA (2nd Edition), Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008: The Top Ten New Features for DBAs, Mastering SQL Server Profiler, and Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans. He blogs at