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Instant Windows PowerShell Guide

By : Harshul Patel
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Instant Windows PowerShell Guide

By: Harshul Patel

Overview of this book

Windows PowerShell has become a booming scripting language over the last couple of years. It has extensive support with an ample number of vendor products, providing a standardized platform for automation and administration. It has massive support for all Microsoft products which creates a layer that can easily automate everything. In the latest version, the PowerShell team has introduced much more functionality with thousands of CMDLETs, part of various modules.This book is a quick reference guide to enable you to get the most out of the latest Windows PowerShell techniques. In this book, you will find new enhancements in the latest version of PowerShell with some helpful examples. This book enables you to quickly move from older versions of PowerShell to Version 3.0 and Version 4.0.This practical, example-oriented book helps you to overcome the difficulty of using and discovering CMDLETs by providing precise information about everything that has been newly introduced in the latest version of Windows PowerShell. It also focuses on the new configuration management system with the help of DSC as a new feature of Windows PowerShell v4.0.You will learn how to use the newly introduced CMDLETs and parameters to perform daily routine tasks. You will also learn how to administer the servers remotely and maintain persistent sessions to provide continuity. You will gain an insight into writing efficient scripts by using various parameters, snippets, and workflows to gain more productivity. You will also be introduced to various modules like CimCmdlets, PSScheduledJob, PSDesiredStateConfiguration, and so on in order to enhance your scripts with the latest instrumentation. Finally this book will make you aware of the capabilities of PowerShell v4.0 and how to fully leverage the functionality introduced in the new version.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

About the Reviewers

Aman Dhally is a Powershell MVP and the founder of New Delhi PowersShell User Group. He has more than 13 years of experience in the IT industry. He focusses a lot on automating daily IT tasks. He is always eager to share his knowledge through his blogs and group meetings.

He is working as a Network Analyst at Analysys Mason Limited.

Manoj Mahalingam S is an Application Developer and Devops Engineer at ThoughtWorks Inc. He develops programs in C# and Python, and has used PowerShell extensively for setting up build and release scripts on a number of projects. Manoj is the author of the PowerShell build and release framework, YDeliver (, and contributes to a number of other PowerShell projects.

Manoj can be found answering questions on Stack Overflow and contributing to a number of projects on GitHub in his spare time.