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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

By : Yoav Yohav
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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

By: Yoav Yohav

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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook
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Troubleshooting aggregation problems

As we saw in this chapter, we can merge several datasets (data providers) in the same report into one table.

As long as we have the same common dimensions or we are able to merge data relying on the same number of common dimension objects, the results in the table will be projected correctly.

However, we might face some trouble when we try to merge data from datasets that don't have the same common dimensions.

This case can be very common as we will find ourselves many times building queries that don't match each other in all the aspects and objects.

Different queries can have a different granularity level or a different detail level. We can't expect a highly summarized query returning sales figures at the product level to be merged properly with a detailed query displaying data at the customer, invoice data, and product level.

Getting ready

Let's have a look at the following scenario.

We will be using two queries based on the Motors universe; the first query...