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Mastering D3.js

By : Pablo Navarro Castillo, Pablo Navarro Castillo
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Mastering D3.js

By: Pablo Navarro Castillo, Pablo Navarro Castillo

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Mastering D3.js
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In this chapter, we created a simple charting package with two components, a layout and a heat map chart. We also discussed the workflow and tasks related to the creation and distribution of a frontend package. We used Grunt with some plugins to concatenate, check the code for errors, test, and minify the assets. We used Vows to create test suites, and Bower to make our package easily installable in third-party frontend projects.

We created a small project with a single web page, which includes the charting package as an external dependency, and used it to visualize the average wind speed by hour and month as a heat map.

In the next chapter, we will learn how to create a data-driven application using third-party data and how to host the application using GitHub pages and Jekyll.