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Mastering SciPy

By : Francisco Javier Blanco-Silva, Francisco Javier B Silva
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Mastering SciPy

By: Francisco Javier Blanco-Silva, Francisco Javier B Silva

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Mastering SciPy
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Image editing

The purpose of editing is the alteration of digital images, usually to improve its properties or to turn them into an intermediate step for further processing.

Let's examine different methods of editing:

  • Transformations of the domain

  • Intensity adjustment

  • Image restoration

  • Image inpainting

Transformations of the domain

In this setting, we address transformations to images by first changing the location of pixels: rotations, compressions, stretching, swirls, cropping, perspective control, and so on. Once the transformation to the pixels in the domain of the original is performed, we observe the size of the output. If there are more pixels in this image than in the original, the extra locations are filled with numerical values obtained by interpolating the given data. We do have some control over the kind of interpolation performed, of course. To better illustrate these techniques, we will pair an actual image (say, Lena) with a representation of its domain as a checkerboard:

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