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Cassandra High Availability

By : Robbie Strickland
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Cassandra High Availability

By: Robbie Strickland

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Cassandra High Availability
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This chapter covered quite a few procedures to handle a variety of cluster changes, from adding a single node to expanding with a new data center to migrating your entire cluster.

While it is unreasonable to expect anyone to commit all these processes to memory, let this chapter serve as a reference for the times when these events occur. Most importantly, take note of these scenarios so you can know when it's time to read the manual rather than just trying to figure it out on your own. Distributed databases can be wonderful when handled correctly, but quite unforgiving when misused.

We spent the last five chapters looking at a variety of mostly administrative and design related concepts, but now it's time to dig in and look at some application code. In the next chapter, we will take a look at the relatively new native client library (specifically, the Java variant, although there are also drivers for C# and Python that follow similar principles).

The new driver has a number of interesting...