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Mastering Apache Cassandra - Second Edition

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Mastering Apache Cassandra - Second Edition

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Mastering Apache Cassandra Second Edition
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About the Reviewers

Swathi Kurunji is a software engineer at Actian Corporation. She recently received a PhD in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell), USA. She has keen interest in database systems. Her PhD research involved query optimization, big data analysis, data warehouses, and cloud computing. Swathi has shown excellence in her field of study through research publications in international conferences and journals. She also received awards and scholarships at UMass Lowell for research and academics.

Swathi has a master of science degree in computer science from UMass Lowell, and a bachelor of engineering degree in information science from KVGCE, India. During her studies at UMass Lowell, Swathi worked as a teaching assistant, helping professors in teaching in classes and labs, designing projects, and grading exams.

Swathi has worked as a software development intern with IT companies such as EMC and SAP. At EMC, she gained experience on Apache Cassandra data modeling and performance analysis. At SAP, she gained experience on infrastructure/cluster management components of the Sybase IQ product. Swathi also worked with Wipro Technologies in India as a project engineer managing application servers.

She has wide experience with database systems, such as Apache Cassandra, Sybase IQ, Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access. Her interests include software design and development, big data analysis, optimization of databases, and cloud computing. Her LinkedIn profile is Swathi has previously reviewed Cassandra Data Modeling and Analysis, Packt Publishing.

Ramachaitanya Kavuluru is a graduate from the computer science department of the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California. He engages his time in building distributed software applications and products.

At NetApp, Inc. in Sunnyvale, California, Ramachaitanya is a software engineer and works with the high-availability and cluster architecture group for NetApp's solid state storage area network solution, FlashRay.

Vaibhav Mohan works as a software engineer at Livingly Media in Silicon Valley, where his work involves dealing with NoSQL databases, MVC frameworks, and cutting-edge web technologies. He completed his master's in computer science from Johns Hopkins University located in Maryland, USA, and his bachelor of technology in information technology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India. He has done work in various fields, including computer vision, medical imaging, machine learning, big data, and parallel computing. His research and related work can be found on his website (