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Ethereum Cookbook

By : Manoj P R
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Ethereum Cookbook

By: Manoj P R

Overview of this book

Ethereum and Blockchain will change the way software is built for business transactions. Most industries have been looking to leverage these new technologies to gain efficiencies and create new business models and opportunities. The Ethereum Cookbook covers various solutions such as setting up Ethereum, writing smart contracts, and creating tokens, among others. You’ll learn about the security vulnerabilities, along with other protocols of Ethereum. Once you have understood the basics, you’ll move on to exploring various design decisions and tips to make your application scalable and secure. In addition to this, you’ll work with various Ethereum packages such as Truffle, Web3, and Ganache. By the end of this book, you’ll have comprehensively grasped the Ethereum principles and ecosystem.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Implementing user authentication in Ethereum

Every application requires some sort of authentication and authorization to restrict unauthorized usage. In Ethereum, most of this happens through the externally owned account (EOA) from which the transactions originate. EOAs are generated through strong cryptographic algorithms that are hard to hack unless the hacker has access to the private keys.

In this recipe, you will learn various authentication and authorization methods that can be implemented in your Ethereum DApp.

Getting ready

It is required to have at least a basic knowledge of writing smart contracts and building DApps using Web3JS. Understanding the implementation of a basic DApp is essential to get more out of this...