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Blockchain for Decision Makers

By : Romain Tormen
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Blockchain for Decision Makers

By: Romain Tormen

Overview of this book

In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based apps are being developed in different industries such as banking, supply chain, and healthcare to achieve digital transformation and enhance user experience. Blockchain is not only about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, but also about different technologies such as peer-to-peer networks, consensus mechanisms, and cryptography. These technologies together help sustain trustless environments in which digital value can be transferred between individuals without intermediaries. This book will help you understand the basics of blockchain such as consensus protocols, decentralized applications, and tokenization. You'll focus on how blockchain is used today in different industries and the technological challenges faced while implementing a blockchain strategy. The book also enables you, as a decision maker, to understand blockchain from a technical perspective and evaluate its applicability in your business. Finally, you'll get to grips with blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger and Quorum and their usability. By the end of this book, you'll have learned about the current use cases of blockchain and be able to implement a blockchain strategy on your own.
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To get the most out of this book

This book is primarily intended for decision makers, C-level executives, and any business person willing to grasp the emerging and promising technology that blockchain is. The reader does not need to have specific technical skills or experience as a developer, but instead an ambition to possess the knowledge to understand the blockchain as a whole. What is needed is curiosity and open-mindedness in order to assimilate every piece of information displayed in this book. By the end of the ten chapters, you should be able to appreciate the wide and complex blockchain ecosystem, develop your own opinion, identify relevant use cases for your business, and lead it to success.

It is not mandatory to have an in-depth understanding of the technology before reading this book. However, a degree of familiarity with blockchain would be beneficial. In this regard, this book is beginner-friendly, but requires an important level of curiosity to explore further the different concepts enunciated.

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