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Building a BeagleBone Black Super Cluster

By : Andreas J Reichel
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Building a BeagleBone Black Super Cluster

By: Andreas J Reichel

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Building a BeagleBone Black Super Cluster
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Transferring files from and to the BeagleBone master node

Of course, it will be necessary to back up your code and other files or simply transfer anything you want between a remote computer and the cluster's master node. There are different ways through which you can accomplish this. The easiest way is to use the Samba share that you have already configured.

However, you can use other ways such as file transfer protocol (FTP), of course.

The FTP server

For secure FTP server functionality, you can install the vsftpd package, which stands for very secure ftp daemon. This is a package that was created in order to provide a very secure version of the FTP server software. You can install it by typing the following:

sudo apt-get install vsftpd

I got an error message after this, but I just repeated the command and it finished successfully. After the installation and configuration process, the server is started automatically. By default, the server is anonymous, which means that it does not allow...