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Building Networks and Servers Using BeagleBone

By : Glenn V Veer, William Pretty, Glenn Vander Veer
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Building Networks and Servers Using BeagleBone

By: Glenn V Veer, William Pretty, Glenn Vander Veer

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About the Reviewers

Raymond Boswel is a software engineer who specializes in full-stack web development using Java, Linux, and various supporting technologies. He has a special fondness for writing code and enjoys learning new paradigms and languages. Raymond has also been a reviewer on BeagleBone for Secret Agents and BeagleBone Home Automation.

Naoya Hashimoto began his career as an infrastructure engineer, and he has experience in working with a data center, management service providers, and housing/hosting service providers. Recently, he has been working on multiple roles, such as service planning using open source software or third-party solutions, system integration on public clouds (mainly AWS), and system migrations from on-premises networks into public clouds. He has been a technical reviewer on Mastering AWS Development, Building Networks and Servers Using BeagleBone, PostgreSQL Cookbook, Icinga Network Monitoring, and Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone, all by Packt Publishing.

Jaime Soriano Pastor was born in Teruel, a small city in Spain. He has always been passionate about technology and sciences. While studying computer science at a university in his hometown, he had his first encounter with Linux and free software, which deeply shaped his career. Later on, he moved to Zaragoza to continue his studies. There, he worked for a couple of companies on different and interesting projects, from operative systems in embedded devices to the cloud, giving him a wide view on several fields of software development as well as some opportunities to travel around Europe. Currently, he lives in Madrid, and automation, configuration management, and continuous integration form a part of his daily work at a well-known technology company.

Justin Smith has a degree in computer science from Tennessee Technological University and is currently a systems and solutions integrator for an industrial IT firm in Nashville, Tennessee. He develops core software to interface with third-party hardware and software and has been introducing the software as modules into LabVIEW of late. Primarily a Java developer, Justin has been using open source tools to allow the code to be run from within LabVIEW.

Growing up around computers in the 80s, Justin has always known that he wanted to pursue a career in computing. Working as an intern in college and spending over a year in Central Mexico for his company, he realized all of the good that can be done by helping improve industrial processes (safety, quality, and efficiency). This made him decide that he wanted to continue working in industrial IT and automation, as he also feels that manufacturing and industry have yet to see the same technological revolutions as other business sectors through advances in companies such as Facebook and Google.

Justin has been working for Summit Management Systems, Inc of Nashville, Tennessee, for nearly 10 years. Summit Management Systems offers custom integration and process solutions worldwide for the industrial and manufacturing sector as well as several standalone software packages that aid in data acquisition from industrial devices and software to manufacture workflow management systems.

Norbert Varga has over 5 years experience in the software and hardware development industry, and he is responsible for embedded software development, hardware-software integration, and wireless telecommunication solutions at his current employer, BME-Infokom Innovátor Non-profit Ltd.

He has extensive experience in networking and hardware-software integration; he has engineered advanced systems, including wireless mesh networks and smart metering solutions. He also has a strong background in Linux system administration and software development.

Previously, Norbert worked as a software developer on various projects at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Department of Telecommunications), which is the most renowned technical university in Hungary. He played a key role throughout all the development processes, ranging from initial planning through implementation to testing and production support.

He has a personal blog, where he writes about his current projects (

He has worked on several books by Packt Publishing, such as BeagleBone for Secret Agents and Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone.