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Learning Karaf Cellar

By : Jean Baptiste Onofre, Jean-Baptiste Onofré
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Learning Karaf Cellar

By: Jean Baptiste Onofre, Jean-Baptiste Onofré

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Cluster resources

By default, Apache Karaf Cellar supports the clustering and distribution of different resources.

Cellar is able to manage the resources covered in the following sections.


Apache Karaf Cellar is able to sync the status of OSGi bundles on the cluster.

Thanks to the bundle listener, all actions that you may perform on a bundle are spread onto the cluster. You can also use dedicated cluster commands to manipulate the bundles on the cluster.

For instance, it's possible to see the bundles available on the cluster with their current status using the cluster:bundle-list command as follows:

karaf@node1> cluster:bundle-list default
Bundles in cluster group default
 ID      State     Name
[0   ] [Active] Apache Karaf :: Cellar :: Utils (2.3.1)
[1   ] [Active] Apache Karaf :: JAAS :: Config (2.3.3)
[2   ] [Active] Apache Karaf :: Diagnostic :: Command (2.3.3)
[3   ] [Active] Apache Karaf :: Deployer :: Spring (2.3.3)
[4   ] [Active] Apache Aries Proxy Service (1.0.1)
[5   ] ...