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Java Hibernate Cookbook

By : Yogesh Prajapati, Vishal Ranapariya
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Java Hibernate Cookbook

By: Yogesh Prajapati, Vishal Ranapariya

Overview of this book

This book will provide a useful hands-on guide to Hibernate to accomplish the development of a real-time Hibernate application. We will start with the basics of Hibernate, which include setting up Hibernate – the pre-requisites and multiple ways of configuring Hibernate using Java. We will then dive deep into the fundamentals of Hibernate such as SessionFactory, session, criteria, working with objects and criteria. This will help a developer have a better understanding of how Hibernate works and what needs to be done to run a Hibernate application. Moving on, we will learn how to work with annotations, associations and collections. In the final chapters, we will see explore querying, advanced Hibernate concepts and integration with other frameworks.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Java Hibernate Cookbook
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About the Reviewers

Mathieu Nayrolles was born in France and lived in a small village in Côte d'Azur for almost 15 years. He began his studies in computer science in France and continued with them in Montréal, Canada, where he now lives with his wife. Mathieu holds two master's degrees in eXia.Cesi (software engineering) and UQAM (computer science) respectively. He is now a PhD student at Concordia University (electrical and computer engineering), Montréal, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Wahab Hamou-Lhadj.

Despite his academic journey, Mathieu has been consulting as a Magento performances specialist since the release of Magento 1.6 (August 2011) and has also worked for companies worldwide, such as Eurocopter and Saint-Gobain, where he learned how important good technical resources are.

You can discover some of Mathieu's work through his books, Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to, Magento Site Performance Optimization, Mastering Apache Solr, and Xamarin Studio for Android Programming: A C# Cookbook or its latest editions,, and

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Ravi Sharma is a software professional with over 12 years of experience, working with various companies such as Oracle, Yahoo, and Tier-1 Banks and in the mobile advertising sector. He has mainly worked with Lower latency, which are highly transactional systems involving the processing of billions of requests per day and creating scalable systems.

Ravi received his BTech degree (honors) from YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad, India. In the last few years, he has been a part of various political and social organisations (NGOs), where he has written on architecture and design and built systems for political organisations. Ravi has also built an e-governance system called eSwaraj (

Umamaheswaran T.G has more than 15 years of experience in information technology. He is a software architect at C1X (, a fast growing start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Uma is an ex-Yahoo employee. Prior to that, he was a senior Java consultant for Wells Fargo USA, Citibank Japan, and various other clients.

Uma has also reviewed the following books for Packt Publishing:

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