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Amazon EC2 Cookbook

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Amazon EC2 Cookbook

Overview of this book

Discover how to perform a complete forensic investigation of large-scale Hadoop clusters using the same tools and techniques employed by forensic experts. This book begins by taking you through the process of forensic investigation and the pitfalls to avoid. It will walk you through Hadoop’s internals and architecture, and you will discover what types of information Hadoop stores and how to access that data. You will learn to identify Big Data evidence using techniques to survey a live system and interview witnesses. After setting up your own Hadoop system, you will collect evidence using techniques such as forensic imaging and application-based extractions. You will analyze Hadoop evidence using advanced tools and techniques to uncover events and statistical information. Finally, data visualization and evidence presentation techniques are covered to help you properly communicate your findings to any audience.
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Amazon EC2 Cookbook
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Creating CloudFormation templates from existing AWS resources

AWS CloudFormer can be used to create AWS CloudFormation templates from the existing AWS resources. This section describes the steps for creating a CloudFormation template from your existing AWS resources using the CloudFormer tool. The AWS CloudFormer tool will automatically detect the dependent resources for a given AWS resource. For example, if you select an EC2 instance, then CloudFormer will automatically select the associated security groups.

How to do it…

Follow the steps to create your AWS CloudFormation template from your existing AWS resources:

  1. Login to the AWS console.

  2. Navigate to the CloudFormation service.

  3. Click on Launch CloudFormer and continue with default options. If you want to restrict the access to CloudFormation tool, specify the appropriate IP address range. Check the checkbox that says I acknowledge that this template might cause AWS CloudFormation to create IAM resources.

  4. Within minutes, your CloudFormer stack...