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Clojure Programming Cookbook

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Clojure Programming Cookbook

Overview of this book

When it comes to learning and using a new language you need an effective guide to be by your side when things get rough. For Clojure developers, these recipes have everything you need to take on everything this language offers. This book is divided into three high impact sections. The first section gives you an introduction to live programming and best practices. We show you how to interact with your connections by manipulating, transforming, and merging collections. You’ll learn how to work with macros, protocols, multi-methods, and transducers. We’ll also teach you how to work with languages such as Java, and Scala. The next section deals with intermediate-level content and enhances your Clojure skills, here we’ll teach you concurrency programming with Clojure for high performance. We will provide you with advanced best practices, tips on Clojure programming, and show you how to work with Clojure while developing applications. In the final section you will learn how to test, deploy and analyze websocket behavior when your app is deployed in the cloud. Finally, we will take you through DevOps. Developing with Clojure has never been easier with these recipes by your side!
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Clojure Programming Cookbook
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Deploying Clojure with Docker

It's hard to not hear people talk about Docker in the IT world these days. The idea that you can describe how to build a consistent image and are then able to run it on different servers makes it a great step forward in the world of component-based applications.

In this recipe, you will see how you can turn a standard Clojure web app into a Docker container, basically making sure that you can distribute your code to as many locations as possible.


It is also a great way to keep multiple machines up to date! Using latest as a tag, you can also make sure different machines always get the latest version of your software running.

Getting ready

In this recipe, we assume there is a main guest, the dev machine running either Mac OS or Windows, and another machine running a Debian system.

Installing Docker on OS X or Windows

At the time of writing, Docker for Mac is just out, and makes it so very easy to install Docker on your machine; it is a huge step forward.