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GeoServer Beginner's Guide - Second Edition

By : Stefano Iacovella
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GeoServer Beginner's Guide - Second Edition

By: Stefano Iacovella

Overview of this book

GeoServer is an opensource server written in Java that allows users to share, process, and edit geospatial data. This book will guide you through the new features and improvements of GeoServer and will help you get started with it. GeoServer Beginner's Guide gives you the impetus to build custom maps using your data without the need for costly commercial software licenses and restrictions. Even if you do not have prior GIS knowledge, you will be able to make interactive maps after reading this book. You will install GeoServer, access your data from a database, and apply style points, lines, polygons, and labels to impress site visitors with real-time maps. Then you follow a step-by-step guide that installs GeoServer in minutes. You will explore the web-based administrative interface to connect to backend data stores such as PostGIS, and Oracle. Going ahead, you can display your data on web-based interactive maps, use style lines, points, polygons, and embed images to visualize this data for your web visitors. You will walk away from this book with a working application ready for production. After reading GeoServer Beginner's Guide, you will be able to build beautiful custom maps on your website using your geospatial data.
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Chapter 1. GIS Fundamentals

In this chapter, you will learn the foundation of Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial data. Although you do not need to understand these subjects in great depth to take advantage of the features of GeoServer, we will give you the basic information required to understand what you will be learning in this book. This chapter will introduce you to the magic of spatial data and processing.

In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Why spatial data is special
  • Spatial data formats
  • The magical world of Spatial Reference System (SRS)
  • What is a map and why does it matter?
  • The art of Cartography.

By the end of this chapter, you will have the basic skills to identify which spatial data format best suits your needs.