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Clang Compiler Frontend

By : Ivan Murashko
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Clang Compiler Frontend

By: Ivan Murashko

Overview of this book

Discover the power of Clang, a versatile compiler known for its compilation speed and insightful error and warning messages. This book will get you acquainted with the capabilities of Clang, helping you harness its features for performance improvements and modularity by creating custom compiler tools. While focused on Clang compiler frontend, this book also covers other parts of LLVM, essential to understanding Clang's functionality, to keep up with the constantly evolving LLVM project. Starting with LLVM fundamentals, from installation procedures to development tools, this book walks you through Clang's internal architecture and its integral role within LLVM. As you progress, you’ll also tackle optimizing compilation performance through features such as C++ modules and header maps. The later chapters cover tools developed using the Clang/LLVM, including clang-tidy for linting, refactoring tools, and IDE support, and feature many examples to illustrate the material. By the end of this book, you’ll have a solid understanding of Clang, different Clang Tools, and how to use them to their fullest potential.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
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Part I: Clang Setup and Architecture
Part II: Clang Tools
Part III: Appendix

Part I

Clang Setup and Architecture

You can find some info about LLVM internal architecture and how Clang fits into it. There is also description how to install and build Clang and Clang-Tools, description for basic LLVM libraries and tools used across LLVM project and essential for Clang development. You can find description for some Clang features and their internal implementation.

This part has the following chapters: