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Password Cracking with Kali Linux

By : Daniel W. Dieterle
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Password Cracking with Kali Linux

By: Daniel W. Dieterle

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Unlock the secrets of Windows password security with "Password Cracking with Kali Linux," your essential guide to navigating password-cracking techniques. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to Windows security fundamentals, arming you with the knowledge and tools for effective ethical hacking. The course begins with a foundational understanding of password security, covering prerequisites, lab setup, and an overview of the journey ahead. You'll explore Kerberoasting, tools like Rubeus, Mimikatz, and various attack methods, providing a solid base for understanding password vulnerabilities. The course focuses on practical applications of password cracking, including wordlist generation using tools like Crunch and Hashcat, and exploring various attack strategies. You'll delve into John the Ripper and Hashcat functionalities, learning to identify hash types and crack complex passwords efficiently. The course wraps up with advanced techniques in Linux password cracking and defense strategies. You'll gain insights into creating leaderboards, achievements, and monetizing games, equipping you with skills to not just crack passwords but also secure systems effectively.
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Password Cracking with Kali Linux
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Password Cracking with Kali Linux
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