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Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials

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Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials

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With ADF, Oracle gives you the chance to use the powerful tool used by Oracle's own developers. Modern enterprise applications must be user-friendly, visually attractive, and fast performing. Oracle Fusion Applications are just that; but to get the desired output you need proven methods to use this powerful and flexible tool to achieve success in developing your enterprise applications. "Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials" explains all you need to know in order to build good-looking, user-friendly applications on a completely free technology stack. It explains the highly productive, declarative development approach that will literally have your application running within a few hours, as well as how to use Java to add business logic. "Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials" tells you how to develop and deploy web application applications based on the highly productive and free Oracle ADF Essentials framework. You will first learn how to build business services on top of database tables, and then how to easily build a web application using these services. You will see how to visually design the flow through your application with ADF task flows, and how to use Java programming to implement business logic. Using this book, you can start building and deploying advanced web applications on a robust, free platform quickly. Towards the end, you will be ready to build real-world ADF Essentials applications and will be able to consider yourself an ADF Essentials journeyman.
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Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials
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Example application

The simple DVD rental application that we are building needs programming in two places:

  • To register a rental (create new record)

  • To register a return (update an attribute value)

Registering a rental

You probably remember from Chapter 3, Creating Task Flows and Pages, that registering a new rental is simply a matter of registering two data values when the store clerk presses a button. The screen is shown in the following screenshot:

In this simple demo application, we are assuming that the clerk will read a customer ID from a membership card and an inventory ID from the cover of the DVD –– in a more user-friendly application, you could of course expand on this. But for now, we just need to insert a new record into the Rental table when the user has entered two values and pressed the button.

Creating a bean

Start by opening the RentDvd page fragment and double-clicking on the Register rental button. This brings up the Bind Action Property dialog where you can click on New to create...