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WebRTC Blueprints

By : Andrii Sergiienko
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WebRTC Blueprints

By: Andrii Sergiienko

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WebRTC Blueprints
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We developed a great application that demonstrates two features of the WebRTC technology: screen casting and pre-recorded media streaming.

The media streaming feature is still under active development and is not supported by WebRTC API natively, so we used our skills and knowledge obtained in the previous chapters to implement this functionality using Data Channels.

The second feature, screen casting, is not natively supported by most web browsers. Actually, for now, it is supported only by Chrome, and it is a very raw experimental feature. Nevertheless, we implemented this functionality in our application.

Please note that both the features are under development, and there is no standard way to make it compatible with all the web browsers. Thus, you should probably improve the code after the features are standardized.

We obtained additional useful knowledge on configuring the necessary infrastructure: the WebSocket proxy and HTTPS layer on the web server.

In the next chapter, we will...