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Flask Framework Cookbook

By : Shalabh Aggarwal
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Flask Framework Cookbook

By: Shalabh Aggarwal

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Flask Framework Cookbook
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Creating a class-based REST interface

We saw how class-based views work in Flask using the concept of pluggable views in the Class-based views recipe in Chapter 4, Working with Views. We will now see how we can use the same concept to create views, which will provide a REST interface to our application.

Getting ready

Let's take a simple view that will handle the REST style calls to our Product model.

How to do it…

We have to simply modify our views for product handling to extend the MethodView class:

from flask.views import MethodView

class ProductView(MethodView):

    def get(self, id=None, page=1):
        if not id:
            products = Product.query.paginate(page, 10).items
            res = {}
            for product in products:
                res[] = {
                    'price': product.price,
            product = Product.query.filter_by(id=id...