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Learning AngularJS Animations

By : Richard Keller
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Learning AngularJS Animations

By: Richard Keller

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Learning AngularJS Animations
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In this chapter, we learned how to create staggering animations with AngularJS native and custom directives, so we can now create better animations for web apps.

This feature enables us to accomplish one of the animation guidelines from the material design and the hierarchical timing by creating a motion that supports the information hierarchy. A staggering animation can create a path for the eyes to follow the information being added to the view.

At this point of the book, we might be very excited about how much can be done by so little CSS and JavaScript code with AngularJS. However, we should not forget about the performance of our web app, so the next chapter will focus on how to avoid animation jank and how to find bottlenecks in our web apps.