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Mastering ServiceStack

By : Andreas Niedermair
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Mastering ServiceStack

By: Andreas Niedermair

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About the Reviewers

Stephane Belkheraz is a professional software developer with 16 years of Web development experience, with 8 years in developing and integrating Web and multimedia applications with Web technologies including Flash, ActionScript, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, and the 8 last years in developing, testing, and architecting exclusive ASP.NET applications with WebForms, MVC, SQL Server, native JavaScript, AngularJS, and all the other open source frameworks around the ASP.NET ecosystem.

He has worked for a lot of companies as an independent consultant and developer during his years in France, Spain, and Belgium before joining Microsoft as Internet Explorer compatibility PFE. Now, he works as a senior software engineer at the MCNEXT Consulting company in Paris.

You can reach him through LinkedIn at:

"When I discovered ServiceStack for the first time, I thought finally there is a framework that allows us to optimize web applications in a flexible, testable, and performant manner using the best frameworks for every aspect of web application development. This book will give you some of the best tips to master ServiceStack development."

Herdy Handoko is a senior engineer at Citadel Technology Solutions, based in Singapore. He has been a ServiceStack enthusiast ever since he discovered the framework back in 2011.

Originally from Indonesia, he migrated to Australia to pursue higher education. He received his bachelor's degree and postgraduate diploma in 2003 and 2004 respectively, from Curtin University of Technology, and his master's degree in 2005 from the University of Western Australia. Prior to relocating to Singapore, he had worked in Perth for 9 years within the engineering and natural resources sectors for global companies such as UGL Limited and Rio Tinto.

Outside of work, he enjoys tinkering with his custom-built PC and taking part in hackathons. He has managed to win a total of five awards from his hackathon participations: one award from mining-focused Unearthed in 2015 and four awards from public sector-focused GovHack in 2014 and 2015.

He considers himself to be a polyglot, having worked on C#, Python, Objective-C, Java, and Scala projects and currently experimenting with the Elixir programming language, which shows great promise.

He is also a gourmand. However, he cycles, runs, swims, plays soccer, and tennis to offset his (sometimes) excessive calorie intake.

Emad Karamad was born in Mashhad, Iran, in 1987. He received an associate degree in computer software from Khayyam Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, in 2008 and a B.Eng. degree in computer software technology engineering from Sadjad University of Technology, Mashhad, in 2010, respectively. He is currently working as a senior .NET developer at Geeks Ltd.

Prior to this, he has held various positions as a .NET developer, web developer, project manager, iOS developer, network application developer, and billing and charging application developer at different IT companies.

His areas of interest include Web development technologies and programming with big data through a variety of database engines.

Dony Perdana is an enthusiast and full-stack .NET developer from Indonesia. Although he is a junior developer, he has been involved with various banking project solutions for the past 4 years, especially on .NET server-side Web technologies, such as ASP .NET, WCF, and ServiceStack. He is also proficient in frontend Web technologies that include various JavaScript frameworks (JQuery, AngularJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS, and ReactJS).

He has developed many applications, including content management system, scheduler-based apps, social media apps, Web service-based applications, and so on.

He strongly believes that design-pattern practices and agile development can tackle any problem and also increase team productivity on software development.

In his spare time, he participates in many learning activities, such as reading books, watching videos, going to conferences and meetings to keep up with the latest technology and methodology of programming. He also helps people on StackOverflow and contributes to open source projects on GitHub repositories.