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Nginx Troubleshooting

By : Alexey Kapranov
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Nginx Troubleshooting

By: Alexey Kapranov

Overview of this book

Nginx is clearly winning the race to be the dominant software to power modern websites. It is fast and open source, maintained with passion by a brilliant team. This book will help you maintain your Nginx instances in a healthy and predictable state. It will lead you through all the types of problems you might encounter as a web administrator, with a special focus on performance and migration from older software. You will learn how to write good configuration files and will get good insights into Nginx logs. It will provide you solutions to problems such as missing or broken functionality and also show you how to tackle performance issues with the Nginx server. A special chapter is devoted to the art of prevention, that is, monitoring and alerting services you may use to detect problems before they manifest themselves on a big scale. The books ends with a reference to error and warning messages Nginx could emit to help you during incident investigations.
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Nginx Troubleshooting
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Rare Nginx Error Messages

Chapter 4. Optimizing Website Performance

One of the most popular reasons to migrate to Nginx is striving for better performance. Over the years, Nginx has acquired a certain reputation of being a silver bullet, a speed beast. Sometimes, this reputation may harm the project, but it is definitely earned. In many situations, that is exactly what happens: you add Nginx to a website setup as if it is a concoction ingredient and the website magically becomes faster. We will not explain the basics of how to set up Nginx because you probably know it all pretty well. In this chapter, we are going to delve a little into why this happens and what are the less-known options that will help you squeeze more out of your website.

We will cover these topics in the chapter:

  • How Nginx processes the requests

  • Nginx caching subsystems

  • Optimizing the upstreams

  • Some new Nginx features such as thread pools

  • Other performance issues

The overwhelming majority of all performance problems people have with Nginx-powered websites...