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Web Development with MongoDB and Node - Third Edition

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Web Development with MongoDB and Node - Third Edition

Overview of this book

Node.js builds fast, scalable network applications while MongoDB is the perfect fit as a high-performance, open source NoSQL database solution. The combination of these two technologies offers high performance and scalability and helps in building fast, scalable network applications. Together they provide the power for manage any form of data as well as speed of delivery. This book will help you to get these two technologies working together to build web applications quickly and easily, with effortless deployment to the cloud. You will also learn about angular 4, which consumes pure JSON APOIs from a hapi server. The book begins by setting up your development environment, running you through the steps necessary to get the main application server up-and-running. Then you will see how to use Node.js to connect to a MongoDB database and perform data manipulations. From here on, the book will take you through integration with third-party tools to interact with web apps. You will see how to use controllers and view models to generate reusable code that will reduce development time. Toward the end, the book supplies tests to properly execute your code and take your skills to the next level with the most popular frameworks for developing web applications. By the end of the book, you will have a running web application developed with MongoDB, Node.js, and some of the most powerful and popular frameworks.
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Building a complete web application

Beginning with this chapter, we are going to build a complete web application. The web application that we are going to build will be a clone of a popular social image sharing site, We'll call our site

Designing the web application

The requirements of the site are as follows:

  • The home page will allow visitors to upload an image as well as browse the existing uploaded images, which will be sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Each uploaded image will be presented via its own page that shows its title, description, and a large image display. Visitors will be able to like the image and post comments.
  • A consistently shared sidebar will be visible on both pages and will showcase some general statistics about the site, the most popular images, and the most recent comments.

The site will use Bootstrap so that it has a nice professional design and is responsive on any device.

The following screenshot is from the home page of the completed site:

The following...