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Building Micro Frontends with React 18

By : Vinci J Rufus
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Building Micro Frontends with React 18

By: Vinci J Rufus

Overview of this book

Although deservedly popular and highly performant tools for building modern web applications, React and single-page applications (SPAs) become more and more sluggish as your applications and teams grow. To solve this problem, many large web apps have started to break down monolith SPAs into independently deployable smaller apps and components—a pattern called micro frontends. But micro frontends aren't a perfect solution, but rather a double-edged sword. This book teaches you how to architect and build them with the right principles to reap all the benefits without the pitfalls. This book will take you through two patterns of building micro frontends, the multi-SPA pattern and the micro apps pattern. You’ll find out which patterns to use and when, as well as take a look at the nuances of deploying these micro frontends using cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Firebase. With the help of this book, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of state management, solving problems with routing, and deployment strategies between the different micro frontends. By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how to design and build a React-based micro frontend application using module federation and deploy it to the cloud efficiently.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Part 1: Introduction to Microfrontends
Part 2: Architecting Microfrontends
Part 3: Deploying Microfrontends
Part 4: Managing Microfrontends
Part 5: Emerging Trends

Part 1: Introduction to Microfrontends

This part covers the core concepts and principles behind microfrontends, including the motivations for using this architecture, key components, and how microfrontends differ from monoliths.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introducing Microfrontends
  • Chapter 2, Key Principles and Components of Microfrontends
  • Chapter 3, Monorepos versus Polyrepos for Microfrontends