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Practical gRPC

By : Joshua B. Humphries, David Konsumer, David Muto, Robert Ross, Carles Sistare
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Practical gRPC

By: Joshua B. Humphries, David Konsumer, David Muto, Robert Ross, Carles Sistare

Overview of this book

While building systems that contain several components, you need a framework that is fast and has minimal network overhead. gRPC is one such open-source tool that is quickly becoming popular and gaining popularity with programmers. Practical gRPC introduces you to gRPC and explains how it compares and contrasts with similar technologies. You’ll be introduced to key technologies such as Protocol Buffers, and work your way up from basic gRPC usage, all the way through to its more advanced capabilities. You’ll learn the best practices for defining and evolving your gRPC APIs, and discover how different tools can be leveraged to get the most out of gRPC and even extend it. By the end of this book, you'll have all the information you need to get started building systems with gRPC.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)
11. Extending gRPC services

Chapter 1. Introduction

This book aims to provide a practical approach to learning and using gRPC. It attempts to catalog and teach not only the basics of gRPC, which you could also find in countless blog posts and the gRPC home page itself, but also to show the more interesting (perhaps less well-documented) aspects of gRPC. The book even demonstrates some of the gRPC pitfalls, and what you need to know to overcome them.

The first few chapters in this book introduce gRPC, describing what it is and how it compares and contrasts to other technologies in the same space. We’ll also dive into how to actually use and apply it. Next, the book will venture into more advanced techniques. These advanced chapters will arm you with the tools to use gRPC to the fullest, so you can truly harness its features for solving problems and building software systems. There are also more practical concerns covered, like best practices for evolving your RPC interfaces and schemas. The later chapters in the book will detour into related technologies, some that complement gRPC in production environments and some that aid developers in building and testing applications that use gRPC.