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Planning and Control Using Microsoft Project 365 and 2021 [Video]

By : Paul E. Harris
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Planning and Control Using Microsoft Project 365 and 2021 [Video]

By: Paul E. Harris

Overview of this book

This course equips participants with the essential skills to effectively plan, schedule, and control projects, covering resource-constrained and un-resourced project management; the course explores the features of Microsoft Project 365 and its 2021 version. You will create projects, allocate resources, track progress, analyze critical paths, generate reports, and gain proficiency in project planning and control to enhance project success. The course covers project planning and control using Microsoft Project (versions 365, 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013). It includes creating projects, scheduling without resources, updating schedules, managing roles and resources, controlling projects with resources and costs, and utilizing various tools and utilities. You will learn to manage projects, demonstrate delays and accelerations, and apply filters, layouts, and baselines. Upon completion, you will have acquired intermediate-level skills in planning and controlling projects using Microsoft Project and creating and managing projects, scheduling tasks with/without resources, assigning roles and resources, and controlling project progress with costs and resources. You will have learned to utilize filters, layouts, and baselines, update project schedules with completed/incomplete work, and demonstrate schedule delay and acceleration.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
Module 2 - Creating a Project Schedule
Module 15 - Printing and Reports
Module 17 - Creating Resources and Costs
Chapter 17
Module 17 - Creating Resources and Costs
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Section 1
Module 17 - Creating Resources
In this video, we will focus on creating resources. You will learn to create resources in the resource sheet. We will group resources in the resource sheet and create/fill out a resource information sheet form. We will understand resource calendars.