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DevOps for Web Developers [Video]

By : Mitesh Soni
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DevOps for Web Developers [Video]

By: Mitesh Soni

Overview of this book

This course shows you how to accelerate web development with DevOps. It starts by introducing you to the culture and collaboration that need to be promoted in order to use DevOps within your organization. You will learn why itis essential to build and deploy modern apps efficiently when embracing the DevOps methodology. You will learn to use GitHub to push code and commit the changes using git. Moving on, you’ll understand the basics of configuration management and the architecture of DevOps. You’ll see how to take care of deploying the code into our new shiny servers. Then we’ll explore monitoring and varioussolutions to the range of problems we might face. Finally, you’ll be able to develop, deploy, manage, and automate your complete web application on a cloud service.
Table of Contents (9 chapters)
Chapter 3
Building the Code and Configuring the Build Pipeline
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Section 3
Using the Build Pipeline Plugin
Learn to create a chain of jobs for end-to-end automation. - Create a build pipeline view - Provide a view name for the build pipeline - Verify the list of the Downstream Projects