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Learning AWS Lambda [Video]

By : Markus Klems
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Learning AWS Lambda [Video]

By: Markus Klems

Overview of this book

Amazon Lambda is the part of Amazon Web Services that lets you run your code without provisioning or managing servers. Amazon Lambda is a compute service that enables you to deploy applications and back-end services that operate with zero upfront cost and require no system administration. This video tutorial will start with the basics of Amazon Lambda and will then walk you through combining Lambda with other Amazon Web Services, such as Amazon API Gateway Service, Amazon DynamoDB, and so on. Moving on, this tutorial will show you how to write, run, and test Lambda functions using Node.js, Java, Python, and C#. Moreover, you will learn how to use its serverless framework to increase your development productivity.
Table of Contents (6 chapters)
Chapter 2
Exploring the Serverless Framework
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Section 1
The Serverless Framework
We install the serverless framework and try out the command-line interface (CLI). - Learn about the serverless framework - Install serverless via npm - Try out the serverless CLI