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Becoming a Cloud Expert - Microsoft Azure IaaS - Level 1 [Video]

By : Idan Gabrieli
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Becoming a Cloud Expert - Microsoft Azure IaaS - Level 1 [Video]

By: Idan Gabrieli

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Cloud computing is one of the biggest technology revolutions in the IT industry, spreading at the speed of light all over the world. A growing number of business companies and organizations are looking for ways to migrate their applications into the cloud or build new cloud-native applications from scratch on top of cloud infrastructure. The demand for skilled people in the area of cloud computing is increasing every day across industries. Companies are looking for cloud experts! This course is part of a training program called Becoming a Cloud Expert. It sets a strong foundation for the viewers to learn to migrate applications onto the cloud while using the Infrastructure as a Service model inside Microsoft Azure. Join us and start your journey as a cloud expert while learning to create a variety of virtual resources in Microsoft Azure. All the code and supporting files for this course are available at -
Table of Contents (7 chapters)
Chapter 4
Azure IaaS - Storage
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Section 6
Storage Replication Options
One of the most valuable features in a public cloud is high data durability. We know that data can be damaged because of many things like hardware failures, network or power outages, or maybe some massive site disasters. Systems availability is a critical factor and data is a critical component in almost all systems. Therefore, Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers are replicating our data and enable us to configure the best replication option for our application.