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Java EE 8 High Performance [Video]

By : Werner Keil
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Java EE 8 High Performance [Video]

By: Werner Keil

Overview of this book

Java EE 8 High Performance aims how to use Java EE for mission- or performance-critical applications. How to monitor the state and performance metrics of your program in a distributed environment. To make use of concurrency and multiple cores provided by modern processor architectures plus the support offered by Java 8. Common pitfalls and How you can scale your application to meet higher demand by adding cluster and load-balancing techniques. As well as optimization tools and frameworks like the Java Cache standard, Eclipse Collections or Javolution. All the codes are present at:
Table of Contents (9 chapters)
Chapter 1
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Section 4
Lambda Parallelism
Using the new Java Streams API in Java 8 offers a new and improved way to access collections. And you can do the same in parallel with only small changes like adding "parallel" to certain method calls. - Learn to handle the collections before Java 8 - Execute changes using stream and parallelStream. - Understand the type of collections better suited for parallel operations and problems that can arise if you access concurrent resources