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Node.js Design Patterns [Video]

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Node.js Design Patterns [Video]


Overview of this book

When writing Node.js applications, it’s absolutely imperative that we employ battle-tested guidelines that can help us write efficient and resilient code. These guidelines are known as design patterns. Design patterns are an important part of software development and are a proven way of solving a given problem. In this course, you’ll take a comprehensive look at industry-standard design patterns, identify challenges that you would commonly encounter while designing and developing software, and implement solutions in Node.js applications. The efficacy of these patterns has been proven over time and a lot of these standard patterns can be implemented when writing JavaScript apps with Node.js. By implementing design patterns, you can write code that is crafted for efficiency and reusability and is resilient against errors and typical pitfalls that result from poorly written code. All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at This course uses Node.js 10.8.0, and JavaScript ES8, while not the latest version available, it provides relevant and informative content for legacy users of Node.js, and JavaScript.
Table of Contents (6 chapters)
Chapter 1
Core Design Patterns
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Section 2
What Are Design Patterns?
Software development is about solving problems effectively and a major part of this process is employing efficient coding practices. That is where the concept of design patterns comes into play. We will thus explore the purpose of design patterns and how they can help us solve problems effectively. - Examine the etymology of design patterns as a concept - Understand the core benefits of following a design pattern - A quick glance at the flavor of design patterns that we will learn in this course