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Becoming a Linux Server Admin [Video]

By : ACI Learning, Don Pezet, Zachary Memos
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Becoming a Linux Server Admin [Video]

By: ACI Learning, Don Pezet, Zachary Memos

Overview of this book

The course begins by laying a solid foundation with the basics of installing Linux as a server, guiding you through both initial setup and advanced configurations. It emphasizes the importance of security from the outset, detailing steps for hardening your Linux server against threats and ensuring safe remote access via SSH. The journey continues with configuring system logging, monitoring performance, and navigating networking fundamentals to advanced techniques, providing a holistic view of server management. The course focuses on essential server services and management techniques, including managing DNS with BIND, deploying DHCP and HTTP services, and securing communications with SSL. It also covers database management with MariaDB, offering insights into installation and data handling, and extends into file sharing and web services with Samba, NFS, and FTP/SFTP configurations. These modules not only highlight the technical skills required but also underscore the importance of these services in maintaining a resilient and efficient server environment. The course wraps up by delving into system initialization processes, comparing SysV Init, Upstart, and systemd, ensuring you're well-equipped to manage services and system boot processes.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)
Chapter 6
Configuring an Apache Web Server
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Section 3
Configuring SSL
Don and Zach discuss SSL, if SSL is supported by default, installing SSL, generating our own certificates, define the certificate and key, multiple websites needing different certificates, and SSL versions that are compromised or weak.