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Mastering Yii 2 [Video]

By : Vitalii Tron
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Mastering Yii 2 [Video]

By: Vitalii Tron

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Leverage the incredible potential of Yii to build heavyweight web applications swiftly About This Video • Build a large-scale web application that can endure a large influx of users • Develop a robust application that can withstand any security breach • Enforce diverse techniques to avoid bottleneck traffic on the server In Detail Yii is a generic component-based PHP Web programming framework. In addition to being object-oriented, it also features the MVC design pattern. It is a high-performance framework and is used to develop heavy duty web applications quickly. With the rise in the dependability of the Internet, the influx of the users to our websites keeps swelling on a daily basis. Yii is just the right framework to help us cope with this heavy load. Mastering Yii2 will guide you through rapidly building a sophisticated, secure, and flexible web application. This comprehensive guide will help you to develop and enhance this web application by focusing on a new aspect in every video. We start by showing you how to set up our version control system using Git so that we can work effortlessly in a distributed team. We will then make our website more responsive using the Twitter Bootstrap framework and then enhance then its security. Then we will store our session data in different storage systems such as the database, Memcached and Redis, and analyze which storage best suits our needs. We will then walk you through step by step adding a full text search using Sphinx, ElasticSearch, and MongoDB NoSQL storage to find the desired data swiftly. Finally, we will take you through making our application robust by testing it with Codeception. By the end of this course, you’ll be an ace at developing heavily loaded web applications using Yii 2.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)
Chapter 6
Full Text Search
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Section 2
Understanding Elasticsearch for Yii 2
Elasticsearch is powerful and schema-free full text search engine. It has a RESTful API, so it is very clear to understand. Let’s use Elasticsearch with the related Yii 2 components. - Add the Yii 2 Elasticsearch components to Highload - Include Elasticsearch details in the config file - Update the code and refresh the page