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Angular - The Complete Guide [2023 Edition] [Video]

By : Maximilian Schwarzmüller
4.3 (3)
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Angular - The Complete Guide [2023 Edition] [Video]

4.3 (3)
By: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Overview of this book

If you are looking to become a proficient Angular developer and build modern, responsive, and scalable web applications, then this is the course for you! This comprehensive course starts from scratch, so no prior Angular 1 or 2+ knowledge is required. Throughout the course, you will learn about Angular architecture, components, directives, services, forms, HTTP access, authentication, optimizing Angular apps with modules and offline compilation, and much more. You will also learn how to use the Angular CLI and deploy an application. The course features TypeScript, the main language used by the official Angular team, and ensures you have the best preparation for creating Angular apps. The course includes a complete project to practice your skills, and you will benefit from fast and friendly support if you get stuck. In the latest course update, you will learn to work with signals in Angular, allowing you to easily manage and update data flow within your application. You will also discover the power of NgRx for state management and explore Angular Universal. By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of how to create Angular applications, including modules, directives, components, databinding, routing, HTTP access, dependency injection, signals, state management with NgRx, and server-side rendering with Angular Universal; and quickly establish yourself as a front-end developer.
Table of Contents (34 chapters)
Course Project – Directives
Bonus - Using NgRx for State Management
Angular Changes and New Features
Course Roundup
Chapter 11
Changing Pages with Routing
Content Locked
Section 25
Controlling Navigation with the canDeactivate() Method
This video demonstrates how to control navigation using the canDeactivate() method.