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JIRA Agile Essentials

By : Patrick Li
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JIRA Agile Essentials

By: Patrick Li

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (12 chapters)

Working with columns

Columns represent the statuses an issue can be in. On a simple board, as shown in the following screenshot, we have three columns, and they are each mapped to an issue status:

  • To Do: Issues that are waiting in queue to be worked on are mapped to the To Do workflow status

  • In Progress: Issues that are currently being worked on are mapped to the In Progress workflow status

  • Done: Issues that are completed are mapped to the Done workflow status:

This is a very simple setup where issues only have three steps from start to finish. Often, you will have an existing workflow that is more complex than this.

JIRA Agile and workflows

Before we get into customizing columns, we first need to take a quick look at workflows in relation to JIRA Agile. As you may already know, JIRA uses workflows to move an issue from one status to the next. JIRA Agile also leverages this feature by mapping its columns to workflow statuses.

Since workflows in JIRA can often get very complicated, it sometimes...